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Why a company’s CSR policy is so important when looking for a new job

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of lives around the world. In the greatest upheaval in many generations, existing inequalities have been magnified, and the current generation entering the workforce have perhaps never been more informed, more educated and more aware of how the scales tip in the world.

A Company’s CSR, then, has never been more important, particularly at a time when many people are reconsidering careers and changing jobs more frequently. How a company behaves, its social and ethical responsibility, comes directly from its leadership and managers. This can be as broad as stating core values and ethical principles, right down to the basic day-to-day of keeping simple promises, to customers and to staff.

If you’re thinking of moving jobs: are you aligning your own ethics with the value system of the company you’re moving to? Are you starting with a business that clearly states its core values (and sticks by them), or one that merely pays lip service to a very broad idea of “fairness”?

A Company’s idea of CSR can be a very difficult thing to nail down, and it’s something a candidate should not be afraid to challenge them on. Are they ethical? Do they value honesty, equity and integrity? How do they demonstrate that? Most people won’t ask this question, or it would be the last question they may consider when they see a job spec.

Our tendency when we see a role is to tick off things such as location, skills required and the salary range. However, the first question you should ask yourself is “how does this company, and role, tie in with my own value system?”

This requires you to define your own value system, not necessarily the easiest thing to do. However, it means that when it comes to assessing employers (yes, you’re assessing them too!) and attempt to understand their values, you have a greater chance of alignment, and subsequent job satisfaction.

Now, for some, the principal driver will be salary, or the title, and in order to get that they may be willing to work with the devil himself. That’s not in and of itself a bad thing, and self-actualisation is a key part of motivating oneself to achieve goals. Some people may not understand the importance of CSR, both those running a business and those looking to work for one, and may attempt to undermine it. But aligning yourself to a business that represents what it is you believe is right will be the right decision in the long run. Put simply, there is more to life than money. +353 (1) 295 2850 Jobseekers