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The use of the right toolset in an organisation to support the software Quality Assurance and Testing process is a key enabler of an efficient and effective operating model.

The level of integration of the tool suite has a major influence on:

The overall management of the software Quality Assurance and Testing Operating Model
The level and ease of production of standardised reporting
The production of software quality metrics, especially covering the full software development lifecycle
The level and ease of traceability and root cause analysis of failures

"If Your Only Tool Is a Hammer Then Every Problem Looks Like a Nail!"

Abraham Maslow

There tend to be three levels of tool integration in operation across organisations.  In larger/more mature software Quality Assurance and Testing organisations there is a greater tendency to use integrated offerings from a single manufacturer e.g. Application Lifecycle Manager (ALM) from HP or the Rational Suite from IBM. At the other end of the scale, companies are using simple homegrown tools or 'freeware' to address individual process areas e.g. bug tracking using Bugzilla.  In the middle are hybrid type solutions where varying levels of integration of tools and/or customisation using APIs/local databases are used to support degrees of standardisation.

Testing Technology Tools

The Metisure© framework indicates the sets of tools our pool of Test Professionals can cover – it is not an exhaustive list – we can review any specific tools a client may be using or wish to use for a specific purpose.
The Metisure© framework also covers a selection and evaluation process to identify the best tool(s) to support a customer's operating model, add value to a clients existing toolset, or as part of a Quality Roadmap implementation.


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