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About Metis7 Offshore Software Testing Capability

Our partners Offshore Development and Testing Centre (ODTC) combine the cost advantages available offshore with the convenience, communication, and security you expect from any Best in practice local onsite team. When you choose our ODTC option, one of our qualified, experienced test managers will be your interface and will oversee all aspects of your test project both locally here in Ireland and offshore. 

We manage communications with our offshore resources using established high-speed physical channels. You will receive the status and defect reports you define for your project each day, just as with projects conducted here in Ireland. Not only do you get a local interface for your outsourced Test projects, but you get the savings available from an offshore resource without the usual hassle or risk.

Benefits of our offshore development offering:

  • Optimised IT: Through automations and productisation.
  • Cost efficiencies: competitive labour rates in India are multiplied when combined with cost savings from process automations developed here locally.
  • High standards of quality: Mature standard practices for operations management, including change management will guarantee that the highest standards of reliability are delivered.
  • Transparency to our customers: To resolve issues, our customers access Irish based Test Managers
  • Full capabilities available locally: Data located in safe and secure data centres here in Ireland.
  • Quick ramp-up of QA resources as necessary.
  • Hard-to-find skill sets readily available: Automation, Performance etc.
  • 24 X 7 testing.
  • Mitigate Risk: Vantage control and manage the entire project locally ensuring delivery on time and continually updating local management with our predefined status reporting suite.
  • Low overhead for training new staff.
  • Reduced management overhead.

Our local delivery Test Manager:

  • Will identify the readiness of our customers' processes prior to offshore deployment.
  • Will validate the readiness of our offshore partner prior to deployment.
  • Will identify any requirement issues which may be missing or ambiguous in the early stages of the Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) before any item are sent to our offshore delivery unit. 
  • Will provide a checks and balances system that reduces risk
  • Will save our customers money and regression testing  
  • Will verify that the technical design conforms to the requirements and expectations of your user community.
  • Will provide you with an objective view of the readiness of the software at any given time.
  • Will reduce your workload by having an independent third party test your developed software applications

Whether your organisation is looking for a lower overall cost for ongoing management of your enterprise application or needs offshore labour to tackle specific project work Vantage Resources software Testing services division has the solution for you.


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