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Project Managers are key to the successful delivery of your IT projects. Vantage management recognises the increasing variety of demands made of Project Managers, both in technical and delivery model dimensions, in today’s increasingly complex project environments. In addition to a good working knowledge of industry standard models our Project managers avail of our project management framework AddVantage.

AddVantage Project Management Framework

  • A flexible framework, used by the Vantage Project Management community, reflecting industry best practice with the ability to adapt to or blend with client Project Management best practice.
  • Vantage’s approach is focussed on real-world projects and we are continually asked to work with clients to achieve successful project delivery.
  • Our framework reflects both dimensions of real-world Project Management from both the mechanical process of plan, measure, report etc. and the softer side which needs to engage with multiple stakeholders and third parties, facilitate dialogue and manage relationships etc. Both are fundamental principles to project success.
  • Recognises the increasing use of Agile techniques and the different demands made on Project Managers in an Agile environment.

Vantage Pm Framework

While we prefer to work with customers to deliver projects from start to finish we can provide support at any phase of a project. We also provide a range of related services from Capability Assessment through to organising, supporting and managing portfolios of projects or major client programmes of change.

Regardless of whether you develop software in a traditional Waterfall development life cycle or are embracing Agile development methods we have both the framework facilities and professional project managers to assist you in delivering your projects on-time and within budget regardless of their size or complexity. If you would be interested to learn how Vantage can assist you then please contact Simon Martin on 01 2952850 or email him at

About Vantage Project Management Methodology

Vantage Framework:

A flexible framework, used by the Vantage Project Management community, reflecting industry best practice with the ability to adapt to or blend with client Project Management best practice.
Vantage approach focused on real world projects and how/where Vantage is commonly asked to work with clients to achieve successful project delivery.

Why Vantage?

Builds on Vantage Resourcing’s excellent reputation for quality resources by delivering a flexible, adaptable & practical best practice framework covering a variety of disciplines adhered to by Vantage staff.

Value of Vantage Model?

Vantage Project Management Practitioners clearly understood methodologies Input, Process & Output and have the capabilities to apply them in practice when managing projects. 
Greater staff mobility – add, rotate or change practitioners with ease
Portfolio of change consistently managed across business areas
Simplified Knowledge Transfer/Project Handover

Vantage Project Management Organization Structure:

PM – Plan/Organising/Control, Deploy Resources, on Time Delivery – reports to PB
BOT: Business (sponsor), Operations (user) & Technology (Vendor)
Project Board – Decision making, outline how project should proceed and support on mitigating risks & resolving issues

Vantage Framework – Comparison with Prince2 & PMI

Criteria KPIs Vantage Framework Prince 2 PMI
Methodology Process based, Tailored, Practical & Flexible Process based, Prescriptive, Semi-practical & Manual Knowledge based, Descriptive, Theoretical & Reference
Structure Consistent and Team based Consistent and Role-based PM-centric
Acceptance UK/Ireland / IT Europe / IT focused USA / General
Expertise Easy to use ‘know-how’ tool and adaptable Strong process expertise Strong soft-skills, Tools & Techniques
Focus Business Case, Benefits and Value additions Business Case & Process Standard & Skills

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