Look For The Hero Within

Is there a way to short-circuit the skills shortage? With the government’s initiative on ICT skills education being unveiled last month, it still leaves the issue to be dealt with in the short term. “People ask: ‘how come you let it get to this, what’s happening?’ Nobody predicted this pace of digital change, Ireland’s digital transformation — it’s just the pace of it, it’s increasing all of the time,” said Jason McNeill, sales director at Vantage Resources. “Ireland has been so successful, the IDA has been so successful in selling Ireland and bringing all the companies here, and those companies coming here, they don’t want to hear we can’t get talent, it’s just not an option for them. “Brexit might come to our advantage in that there’s talent now migrating here from the UK . . . that’s good, helping us bridge the gap here in Ireland and at a government level, looking at visa processing and making that as slick as possible to bring people in from Europe.”

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