We Need Somebody With A Human Touch June 2nd 2019

Finally the day has come where we recognise that those who shout the loudest don’t always get heard — that should make for a more comfortable working environment for most. Recognising that soft skills are what is needed in the changing pace of office structure is leading to a whole new skills gap of its own. “There is a skills gap, no doubt about it. Us, at Vantage, we use that to our advantage in that we excel in these markets, we are good at finding people,” said Jason McNeill, sales director, Vantage Resources. “If there is a skills gap, we will try to plug it, we will work with our clients. But, you know, in days gone by, the IT department has gone from one that was located in the basement to one that’s now being represented at board level, at chief technology officer (CIO) level.

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