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Metisure Framework is the Software Quality Assurance and Testing division within Vantage Resources. Metis7 partners with clients to constantly improve their IT Quality through our excellent people and our reference best practice framework – Metisure©.

You can discover all about our full offering in the comprehensive detailed sections below.

QA & Software Testing Services

We have developed our Metisure© framework to engender total confidence in clients by providing comprehensive support across all the component areas of software quality and testing. The framework provides the reference structure for delivering our range of Quality and Testing Services.

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Test Environments

The management of Test Environments is an important part of overall IT Quality Assurance and Testing governance and has a significant influence on test effectiveness and efficiency.

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Tools Support

The use of the right toolset in an organisation to support the Software Quality Assurance and Testing process is a key enabler of an efficient and effective operating model.

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Process Improvement

The SQA and Testing process begins at the point where the dimensions of the change are being defined. This is normally at scoping and high-level requirements.

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Quality Centre of Excellence (QCoE)

Centres of Excellence, or Competency or Capability Centres as they are also called, are increasingly being used by organisations to focus a team with a particular set of competencies or capabilities in a particular function, to lead and support best practice to drive business and customer value.

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Engagement Model

We offer a variety of engagement models to meet client needs. These range from fixed cost models where delivery to agreed scope and timelines is guaranteed to Time and Material based assignments.

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Offshore Deployment

Vantage and our off-shore partners endeavour to make the best use of technology to provide continuous Testing Services Deployment at a cost effective price point. One of the key challenges facing software development managers today is to reduce the cost of developing and testing software while maintaining consistent quality.

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The Metisure© Framework

The Metisure© framework is our comprehensive reference best practice Quality Assurance and Testing Operating Model.  It can be used in a variety of ways to develop and improve Software Quality Assurance and Testing practice. Vantage will partner with you to ensure you get the best value from your use of the framework.

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The Metisure© Framework


The Metisure© framework is our comprehensive reference best practice Quality Assurance and Testing Operating Model. It can be used in a variety of ways to develop and improve Software Quality Assurance and Testing practice. We will partner with you to ensure you get the best value from your use of the framework.

It can be used as a reference model to assess the current practice and capability of an organisation, and to develop a Quality Roadmap to enable the organisation achieves the Quality Assurance and Testing standard required.

At Programme or Project level it can be used to combine current elements of best practice within an organisation with framework elements to define an appropriate quality model for major change projects within organisations. We combine modern professional software Test practices and methodologies with the ability to provide excellent Test and QA professionals for any size of a project

Metisure By Vantage


An assessment of the client's Software Quality and Testing model to identify strengths, areas for improvement, etc. These range from a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of the clients SQA Operating Model culminating in the development of a Quality Roadmap to shorter focused assessments of the alignment of the client‘s model with Metisure © to aid project delivery and quality improvement. This set of services also covers business case development for improvement initiatives and post-implementation reviews to measure success.

Test Strategy

This consists of a set of interlinked services and covers the development and implementation of Quality Strategies and agreed improvement initiatives.

Depending on the scope, scale and outcomes of the Assessment activities the strategy being developed can range from the more detailed planning of a Quality Roadmap to support significant change, to the development of the appropriate SQA and Testing Strategy at Programme or Project level. Incorporated in the delivery will be steps to improve the overall SQA operating model including potentially, standardisation of process across the model, centralisation of functions, standardisation of tooling etc.


This covers the delivery of core Testing Services across the Test lifecycle.  This ranges from the development of test plan structure and Test project plans, the development of detailed sets of test cases, test execution, test management (including defect management), reporting on progress and quality to project governance, and the management of the test environment and tooling.

Specialist Supports

There is a range of specialist services which support and complement the SQA and Testing Operating model in use.  They cover Technical areas such as Test tool selection, life cycle coverage, and the development and management of Test Automation structures and scripts.

The other key technical element is Performance Testing at component and application level including the degree to which the Performance Test environment is a good proxy for the target production environment.

The Specialist Supports also cover non-technical areas.  The key areas are the development of metrics and reporting frameworks (supported by the Metisure Reporting Suite) which are key to measuring progress and quality.

If you are interested in learning more about our QA & Testing services please contact Simon Martin on 01 295 2850.