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A framework must continually evolve in response to changes in industry practice, the introduction of new tools and techniques, and experience gained and lessons learned in the use of the framework across successive projects. The purpose of a Process Improvement Process is to have a systematic, consistent and managed approach to assessing, accepting and implementing changes to a framework.

As a framework is used by a community of practice it must be changed with their involvement and in a defined manner understood by all. Equally, it must be updated regularly but not so frequently that the community that uses it gets confused.

It facilitates measurement and reporting which inform projects reviews and supports identifying the lessons that can be learned from the project delivery and can be used to improve software quality and testing practice in the future. This includes changes to process, tooling, templates, software development practice, unit and functional testing, job roles etc. These can only be successfully identified from a base of consistent and accurate QA and testing data. There are two interlinked dimensions to the technology support for SQA and Testing, the toolset being used to support the cycle and the test environment in which the SQA and Testing stakeholders operate.


The Metisure© framework contains templates and draft plans which can act as accelerators to project initiation and implementation. There is also a metrics and reporting suite developed which can interface to standard test tools and which produces a full suite of project progress and quality status reports.