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We have developed our Metisure© framework to engender total confidence in clients by providing comprehensive support across all the component areas of software quality and testing. The framework provides the reference structure for delivering our range of Quality and Testing Services. These range from strategic services such as Client Quality Capability Assessments designed to define high-level Quality Roadmaps and put them in place, to providing full testing support for individual change projects.

The framework is designed to deliver standardised testing services through the change lifecycle, from the definition of the Quality Strategy at Programme/Project initiation, through the development of estimates and budgets, Test Planning, Test execution, Implementation Support and Post Implementation reviews. This encompasses the planning and management of the required key phases of testing (Factory Acceptance, Functional Pre-Acceptance, Functional, Business/User Acceptance, Performance, Security, Operational Acceptance) and support for the planning, development, and management of Test Automation.