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About Us:

Vantage Resources delivers IT services and staffing solutions that enable our customers to support their network systems and legacy applications while also delivering new and innovative technology solutions to support their businesses. We have an unrivalled reputation for providing exceptional IT professionals that are at the core of operational IT functions across all industry sectors. Our personnel provides us with the high degree of expertise that allows us to deliver exceptional services in Staffing solutions, QA and Software Testing, Managed IT Service Desks and Project Management services.

Vantage Resources is backed by over two decades of experience and devoted to providing better, more efficient candidate sourcing than any other IT service provider. Our expertise in all areas of the technology and IT landscape are essential to sourcing talent that will shape your business and help you create and innovate. From established tech roles such as software developers and data analysts to specialists in emerging technologies such as mobile development, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, social media, and cloud computing, Vantage is plugged into a diverse array of technical talent.

The value proposition to our customers is excellent committed people & superb Account Management in line with cost competitiveness that drives our business model which is in high demand across the IT sector in Ireland.

At Vantage Resources, we work closely with our clients to understand their business and their requirements. Operating in a challenging IT market where competition exists across multiple sectors allows us to differentiate what our excellent services can do for you. How we engage with IT professionals in the marketplace and our customer engagement makes us stand out from the crowd. We understand that we will be responsible for the effective delivery of our services and we know that you will demand that performance and value for money are always delivered.

Our core principles guide us in all we do - honesty and integrity in all our dealings, excellent customer service, outstanding Customer Account Management, a focus on achieving the best results for our customers and a tradition of giving back to our community.

Technical Resourcing

At Vantage Resources, we specialise in providing the very best IT talent to work on customers projects within Ireland’s leading domestic and global companies. With a unique and proprietary database built over 20 years' in the Irish market, we have access to the talent you need today.

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Software Testing Services

Our Quality Assurance and Testing services division partners with our customers to constantly improve the quality of their software. Led by senior QA and test service professionals well known in the industry we leverage our in-house testing framework Metisure© to deliver high-quality testing practices for your business.

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Project Management Services

Our Project Management Services Division teams up with customers to drive the successful delivery of your IT projects from both a user perspective and the technical initiatives so in demand in today’s market. Vantage has one of the largest cohorts of Project Managers deployed in Ireland today providing you with professionals who have proven industry experience and avail of our project management framework AddVantage.

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Relying on Vantage means receiving quality service from an IT Solutions company that has been providing a first-rate service to customers for more than 20 years. If you would like to find out more about how we can assist you and the people we have available right now. Please contact Jason McNeill on 01 295 2850 or 087 248 3256 or email him at: