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At Vantage Resources, we specialise in providing the very best IT talent to work on projects within Ireland’s leading domestic and global companies. With extensive IT experience the Vantage management team are entirely focused on providing IT staffing solutions for our clients utilising a proven industry leading Account Management Service. We have the industry knowledge and the extensive resources to provide you with the multiple skill-sets required throughout your entire project's "life cycle".

The biggest threat to the growth of the IT sector in Ireland today is the on-going shortage of skilled IT professionals at all levels. Vantage can assist you to overcome this hurdle.


Our Services:

IT Contract Staffing:

We supply a wide range of IT professionals to our customers across difference technology platforms to supplement their in house IT function. This can cover a single individual or a team of resources all on temporary contract assignment. We provide a strong Account Management and staff review function while our personnel are onsite.

Permanent IT Staffing:

We combine strong IT technical knowledge with HR competencies to ensure the delivery of experienced, quality candidates within the IT departments of Ireland’s largest companies. To assist us, we have a qualified database of strong candidates built up over 20 years in the IT industry.

If you would like to find out more about how Vantage Resources can assist you with your IT staffing needs please contact Jason McNeill on (01) 2952850 or email



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